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A Spanish tapas dish that will make you melt

A Spanish tapas dish that will make you melt

Over the weekend, we were spreading the love in Littleport and made a fair few mums very happy on Mother’s Day. And we hope you’ve caught up on your sleep, too – that pesky hour is the price we pay for lighter, brighter days.

You may well have been to the restaurant and looked at our tapas menu and thought: “What is that?” or “I wonder where that comes from.” Perfectly reasonable questions to ask given we are a Spanish restaurant in the middle of the fantastic Fens.

So, we thought we would give you the lowdown on some of our tapas dishes. Llapingachos (pronounced ‘yah-peen-GAH-chos’) – is a marriage made in Spanish heaven: cheese and potato.

Actually, it’s not really Spanish – it originates from Ecuador and is a essentially a potato pattie with a cheesy centre…it is one of the country’s most popular dishes often cooked and served in the Ecuadorian Highlands, usually with baked or fried pork alongside avocado, tomato and lettuce. But, in our Spanish restaurant, we have given it a twist serving it with fried eggs and beetroot salsa. Made with local Fen tatties and Spanish cheese, this is tapas to melt your heart.

Cheese is an important ingredient of many Spanish dishes and there is no cheese that says Spain more than Manchego. In our cosy corner of Littleport we serve this cheesy tapas with apple and tomato chutney. Produced in the La Mancha region of Spain (whose other famous product is Don Quixote BTW), Manchego is generally made from unpasteurised sheep’s milk, though it can also be made from pasteurised milk and to be called Manchego, it can only be made from the milk of Manchego sheep.

Manchego cheese differs in both flavour and texture depending on how long it has been aged – officially it has to be between 60 days and two years. Younger Manchego acquires a more caramel and nutty flavour but more mature Manchego tends to be crumblier with a lingering sweetness.

This humble cheese has travelled far and wide – even to the middle of the Cambridgeshire Fens! Why not slip into our Spanish restaurant next time you’re in this corner of Cambridgeshire? Sounds cheesy, but we’d love to see you – and we may even lay on some eggs-tra special llapingachos.



  1. Vicente

    Genial, tienen una pinta expectacular

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