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Bean to our restaurant? There are good grounds to go

Bean to our restaurant? There are good grounds to go

Content: We hope you all had a cracking Easter, here in our cosy corner of Cambridgeshire we were happily feeding a packed restaurant of hungry hens.

Springing from one thing to another, did you know it’s coffee week next week? Coffee is a big part of Spanish drinking habits and here in our Spanish restaurant in this corner of Cambridgeshire there is no exception.

Spanish people typically have a coffee first thing in the morning with their breakfast to get them started for the day. This first cup of coffee is usually accompanied with hot milk, this coffee is known as café con leche.

Then at around 11am many Spaniards stop for a short break known as the almuerzo. Often they order a coffee known as a café solo and they eat a small snack such as a bocadillo (a cheese or ham baguette).

Coffee is also drunk at lunchtime (comida) and after dinner (cena). As you can tell, the Spanish love their coffee and the best way to experience this is in those rundown, rustic and very traditional Spanish bars where you stand at the counter.

When people think of Spanish coffee we tend to think of a steaming mug of coffee with rum or other alcohol and topped with whipped cream, but the Spanish influence coffee and coffee drinking has reached far and wide.

Spanish ships carried coffee plants and seeds to many remote areas of the world where coffee was not native but soon became central growing hubs. Descendants of Spanish conquistadors settled in Central and South America where they created huge plantations for growing Spanish coffee.

But coffee came to Spain with the Moors. Not much, i­f any, coffee was actually grown in Spain but they developed a method for roasting that produces very dark, almost black oily beans that make very strong coffee that is known as Spanish roast, or dark French roast.

So, it’s not all just tapas and paella, here in our Cambridgeshire restaurant we have all the elements to help you enjoy the bean whatever time of day. And if beans aren’t your thing, then we have plenty of other drinks on offer.

Talking of drinks, next we will give you a bit more insight into our Habis beer which we will be producing soon in conjunction with a local brewery. So, whether beans or beer, Habis is where you need to be near…enough of the poetry, adios!

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