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From couch potato to patatas bravas

If you’ve been to our cosy corner of Cambridgeshire you may have noticed some vegan and vegetarian options on our tapas and breakfast menus. People often believe Spanish and Mediterranean food to be meat oriented but it is surprisingly friendly to non-meat eaters. Here at Habis we try to cater for all tastes and our […]

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It’s all go at Habis

You may have wondered where we have been? No, not taking a long siesta or enjoying the sunshine in this cosy corner of Cambridgeshire (though we did a bit of that, too). We have been busy realigning our brilliant business. We’ve been busy making a few changes. For the time being Habis will be open […]

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Painting the town red

Wow! What a scorcher it has been. Here in Littleport it’s felt like Andalucia – we’ve had to take afternoon siestas just to keep our energy up for cooking all that tapas and paella. We hope you’ve been to our cosy of corner of Cambridgeshire where the temperatures probably made you feel like you were […]

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Beer we go

So it’s been blowing a gale through Littleport but we’ve managed not to get blown away – hopefully you haven’t either. We’ve been hunkering down in this cosy corner of Cambridgeshire and are making plans to extend the Habis family…and so it grows. You may recollect a few weeks ago we mentioned that our Spanish […]

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We’ve got a big steak in our menu

We have been busy here at Habis prepping and tweaking and adding to our menu. If you have swung by this cosy corner of Cambridgeshire then you may have tasted some of our innovations. We have an array of sandwiches with slightly out of the ordinary fillings – such as home-made falafels – or the […]

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We take Pride in our paella

We hope you’ve all been busy sipping on some tinto de verano (remember we gave you the recipe last week? Can’t remember?  How many have you had?)  to keep you cool…though the rain seems to have intervened in this part of Cambridgeshire. It’s hard to believe for us at Habis that it was nearly a […]

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A fan of the heat?

Hot hot hot! With these soaring temperatures, are we in Cambridgeshire or Catalonia??? We are certainly feeling the heat and in Spain the high temperatures stay with us all summer! So, we thought that we would provide a Habis guide to keeping it cool when the mercury rises!! In Spain, in-between eating (there is no [...]
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Putting on a patatas bravas face

Ola! Where have you been? More like, where have we been? Spain as it happens. Sorry for the late blog this week – Spain gave us a little parting gift of a cold! What better way to get better than the top tapas of them all. So, while in recovery position in this part of […]

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Super heroes get a tapas treat

The sun has been shining and we do believe the temperature has rivalled those in some parts of Spain. In fact, we reckon it’s been hotter here! Our cosy corner of the Fens has been very busy. The annual Ely Hero Awards took place on Monday and Habis was honoured not only to be one […]

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