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A fan of the heat?

A fan of the heat?

Hot hot hot! With these soaring temperatures, are we in Cambridgeshire or Catalonia??? We are certainly feeling the heat and in Spain the high temperatures stay with us all summer! So, we thought that we would provide a Habis guide to keeping it cool when the mercury rises!!

In Spain, in-between eating (there is no temperature hot enough to put us off our tapas!!) we fan ourselves to keep cool. You know those big, beautifully decorated hand fans that you see flamenco dancers waving around? We wave them around when we’re not dancing, too. And then, of course, there is the siesta. There’s nothing like a little snooze away from the heat to re-energise you…just in time for the evening, maybe to head off for a bit of paella at Habis, perhaps??

Find a fountain – now there may not be that many around here but there is always The Fountain pub of course, in Ely, which will do as a stand-in…and that’s a place with plenty of liquid (though not strictly water). Swimming is another option. In Spain people head to the sea, and there is the lovely north Norfolk coast not too far away but there’s also the rivers Cam and Ouse. You can always dip your toes in.

Cinema is always a good option for a hot afternoon in Spain, especially when it comes with air conditioning and Ely Cineworld isn’t far away…you can always drop the kids off and pop in for a cooling San Pellegrino and cake.

Spaniards  always head to terrace bars for a tinto de verano…so if you want to keep it cool in Littleport and beyond, here’s how you make the ultimate Spanish cooling drink.

You will need:

1 bottle (750ml) of Spanish red wine

750 ml of lemon soda, tonic water or equal parts lemonade and soda water

1 orange sliced

1 lemon sliced

200ml of sweet vermouth (you don’t have to)


What you will need to do: Put all the ingredients in a jug and cool in the fridge. Once at the temperature you desire, pour into a glass with ice…it is even better than sangria…adios and play safe in the sun…

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