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Get a taste for home-made paella in Littleport

Get a taste for home-made paella in Littleport

Welcome back! We hope you’ve been to the restaurant – if not, what are you waiting for? You need to leg it to Littleport, pronto. In this little corner of the Fens, not only will you find the best tapas in the area – but PAELLA, the most Spanish of Spanish dishes.

Originating in Valencia, on the eastern coast of Spain, paella was a dish created by those who worked on the land – farmers and farm labourers would cook it over a wood fire for their lunch. It was made with rice – introduced to Spain by the Moors in the 12th century (the Spanish word for rice is “arroz” which derives from Arabic, not Latin) – and whatever else the labourers could find to throw in!

Paella was traditionally eaten straight from the pan with each person delving in with their own wooden spoon. In fact, the word paella refers to the actual pan and not the food in it – and the dish is still unique and is popular as ever in Spain, cooked as it is on family and special occasions and it is often the centrepiece at fiestas.

Now, at our restaurant, we don’t expect you to bring your own wooden spoon or eat from a huge dish with lots of strangers – as fun as that sounds –  but we have given over Thursday night to this special taste of Spain. So, if you find yourself in the mood for a warming and authentic Spanish dish, visit our restaurant in Littleport on Thursday evening for a special slice of Spanish culinary comfort – and we’ll tell you how you’re supposed to pronounce it, too!

Last week we mentioned local artist Peter Denmark, whose work currently adorns the walls of our restaurant, and we wanted to tell you a bit more about him. A graphic designer who created the iconic images for BT, Prudential and the Labour Party, Peter moved to the Fens in 1999. He was a self-taught artist and his work has been displayed since the 1970s in various galleries. He did commissions and his art formed part of private collections alongside fellow artists such as Damien Hirst.

Sadly, Peter died in 2014 but he still has family who live locally, so his connection to the area very much lives on. Pop by and take a look at the work of this talented artist, and as you ponder his painting over coffee and cake, you can even decide which one you’d like to take home with you – his paintings are for sale.

Finally…mama-mia! Did you know that mother begins with ‘m’ in most languages? So, make your move and make mama happy – we still have a few tables for Mother’s Day on 31 March –  Sunday Roast and the dessert for mum is on us! All together now, mmmmmmmmmmm……..

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