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In queso you didn’t know, it’s nearly Father’s Day

In queso you didn’t know, it’s nearly Father’s Day

Father’s Day is nearly here (Sunday, 16 June to be precise) and we have been busy planning a Fen-tastic three-courser for the dad in your life. If you’re treating dad to a Littleport lunch at Habis – and why wouldn’t you? – you’ll need to hurry as tables are getting booked fast.

Not only is a roast on the menu and a choice of pud but to coincide with world tapas day (which we mentioned a couple of weeks ago) we are having tapas as the starter. So, we thought we might give you the lowdown on tapas by debunking a few tapas myths.

Myth number one: Tapas should be eaten at once…uh, nope. Tapas are meant to be eaten over a long period of time, and in Spain that means often over a few different locations. In fact, it’s a big tapas no no to order more than three tapas at one bar! The recommended amount is between one and three tapas per location.

The idea is, order a couple of plates to share with friends at one spot, then hop on to the next bar and order more! This way, you get to experience the social vibe at more than one spot, change up the scenery and experience new signature tapas! Fair enough, you can’t do that very easily in Littleport but you can order all the tapas on the board over the course of an evening and enjoy them slowly – with a bottle of wine, of course.

Myth two: Tapas are always small. If they’re not small, they’re not tapas. What silliness is this. Tapas can be small or big. In fact, these big tapas have their very own name: raciones! While these larger raciones might not be named “tapas” on the menu, they are still tapas. Raciones are always shared amongst a group of friends, in the same style a small tapa is. Myth three: Tapas are meant to be eaten as food independent from a drink. Are you kidding?  Tapas go hand-in-hand with a drink. In fact, it’s a big tapas no no to order tapas without a drink! Like cheese and biscuits or chocolate and digestive – a natural pairing.

In Spain, some tapas helped to ratchet up the thirst factor and help ratchet up alcohol sales as well – hence its origins as a bar snack always served with alcohol.

So, don’t forget to bring your dad on Father’s Day. And, if lunch is full, then there is always breakfast – made with the same love and same fresh ingredients – though maybe leave the wine at home! We’ll be open from 930am-1130am for brekkie – but it’s best to book.

So, to all you Fen dads across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, feliz día del padre or Happy Father’s Day – we look forward to showing you some Littleport love on Sunday.


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