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Time to turn on the tapas

Time to turn on the tapas

So, since last week’s lowdown on paella we hope you’ve had time to visit the restaurant in this corner of the Cambridgeshire Fens to try it for yourself – and maybe bagged yourself some art as well! This week, we thought we might expand your culinary horizons and tell you a bit about that other Spanish staple – tapas.

Our Spanish-inspired restaurant would be nothing without that most famous of Med food exports.  Served in Spanish bars with a drink, tapa actually means cover or lid – and, like all good food, there has been many an argument about the origins of tapas. One suggestion is that a bartender simply placed a piece of bread over a glass to keep the flies out. A more tasteful explanation, however, is that in the 13th century, King Alfonso X of Castille discovered while he was recuperating from an illness, he could only eat and drink in small amounts – resulting in one of the first forms of tapas.

Whatever the truth, tapas has taken on a life of its own. Over the centuries, geography, climate and the influences of various invaders from the Romans to the Moors, have seen the humble tapas become a much more sophisticated entity. The Romans brought olives and the Moors almonds and spices, and with the discovery of the New World came the discovery of new foods – tomatoes, beans and, of course,  potatoes, the staple of the most popular and familiar tapas – patatas bravas.

At its centre, though, Spanish tapas is based on simple methods and the imaginative use of seasonal vegetables and local ingredients – and fits perfectly into Habis’s ethos.

The heart of good tapas is that it is fresh and unpretentious – and you’ll find nowhere better to taste this emblem of Spanish cuisine than at Habis, with a menu created by our chefs who have been steeped in tapas since they were toddlers!

From Spanish sausages to scallops, manchego cheese to pork loin in blue cheese sauce – pop in and see what tapas takes your fancy. Checkout out our Facebook page for menus and booking details, and if you’re passing why not pop in and scour the menus over coffee and home-made cakes . Whether you like, fish, meat or veggies, our tapas is the real deal – local, fresh and cooked by our supremely talented Spanish chefs.

Don’t forget, Habis has a special roast lunch for Mother’s Day, so show the love on the 31st – we are, by making sure dessert for mum is on us. Now, that’s one sweet deal she won’t be able to resist.


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