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We’ve created a real buzz around our new honey

We’ve created a real buzz around our new honey

We’ve been busy bees at Habis this past week. Not only is our Spanish restaurant cooking up fantastic paella, tapas and fusion food we have turned our hand to something altogether sweeter – honey.

In collaboration with a local Fens honey producer, Habis has its own sweet nectar – a very special local Habis honey that we are selling in our very special corner of Cambridgeshire.

The jars of honey have been produced by Highfields Fens Honey, a local business based in Welney in the Fens. The beekeepers have their own beehives and the honey is 100 per cent pure, raw and natural. The bees are kept for pleasure so there’s a lot of bee love going on, and only surplus honey is ever removed.

In Spain, honey or la miel, gets its flavour from the rugged countryside that is home to rosemary and lavender as well as orange, almond and chestnut trees.

In the Fens, the bees have a rather fine time of it too, buzzing around, foraging on local flora such as orchard blossom, oil seed rape, chamomile (so, they’re very chilled) and garden and wild flowers Nothing has been added to the honey and nothing taken away. It’s a sweet hit of local lusciousness – and so much better for you than sugar!

So, if you fancy a few jars, bee quick and leg it to Littleport as they’re flying off the shelves! A post-paella sweet treat, perhaps?

Did you know? Honey was used during the First World War to treat soldiers’ wounds and has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities – we told you it was good for you.

And another thing that is good for you are longer and warmer days…yes, it’s that time of year again where we lose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of sunshine. Want to know what to do with it? Well, our restaurant can happily help you fill your time (and your tummy)…we hope we’ve sweet-talked you into spending a bit of the weekend with us in our Fen-tastic part of Cambridgeshire.

And a happy Habis Mother’s Day on March 31 to all you lovely mums…we hope to see some of you on Sunday. Unfortunately, tables for lunch are now fully booked, but there’s always breakfast…

We need to get buzzy, so adios for now.

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