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We’ve got a big steak in our menu

We’ve got a big steak in our menu

We have been busy here at Habis prepping and tweaking and adding to our menu. If you have swung by this cosy corner of Cambridgeshire then you may have tasted some of our innovations.

We have an array of sandwiches with slightly out of the ordinary fillings – such as home-made falafels – or the more ordinary, such as bacon (though nothing ordinary about our bacon!).

In Spain, the sandwich is known as a pepito. Traditionally the pepito is prepared with grilled beef tenderloin, flank steak, rib eye steak or strip steak, alongside refried beans black beans or pinto beans, and usually with a soft roll, bun or baguette. You can sometimes use chicken.

Additional ingredients used can be myriad, including but not limited to eggs, cheese, lettuce, sliced or diced tomato, sliced avocado, guacamole, guasacaca (an avocado-based relish), garlic, cilantro, olives, jalapeño or pickled jalapeño peppers, onions, caramelised onions, or sautéed onions, mayonnaise, butter, olive oil, fresh lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, mustard, cumin, salt and pepper. If that doesn’t empty your food cupboards, I don’t know what will! We don’t necessarily serve our pepitos with all of the above, but you can go mad with ingredients if you make it yourself.

Some versions of the sandwich have a significant amount of toppings and garnishes while others are simpler preparations using only the base ingredients and a few additional ingredients.

The pepito is a common street food in Venezuela and Mexico and originates in Barquisimeto, the capital of the state of Lara in Venezuela. So why don’t you pop in for a pepito?

And, don’t forget tomorrow is Ely Pride. We’ll be there serving up fab food with our meat and vegetarian paellas at the Riverside Kitchen and Bar in Ely. Tickets to the event are free and there’s an afternoon of fun as well as an after party at the bar in the evening.

And we will be open as usual if you fancy some plain, old-fashioned paella and tapas. Next week, our chef extraordinaire will be sharing one of his secret recipes. So, same time, same place – adios.

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