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We’ve got some cracking dishes for Easter!

We’ve got some cracking dishes for Easter!

We’ve been wondering this week: what happened to spring? Well, at least there’s Easter (or more to the point, Easter eggs) round the corner.

In Spain, Easter is the most important festival of the year – even beats Christmas, though not by much. It is celebrated for the whole week before Easter Sunday in the last week of Lent  and is called Semana Santa – or ‘holy week’. There are processions galore and traditions vary according to the region – including variations in food.

In Andalucia (the region from where we hail) celebration s are of a more upbeat nature, which is also reflected in the food with rice pudding – or arroz con leche –  the favoured dessert and most local bakeries will also offer torrijas (more of which later), but in Castile and Leon celebrations have a more pious and sombre tone.

Easter eggs are a new tradition in Spain – and much like in the UK – are becoming (unsurprisingly) more popular.

But, if you think Easter and chocolate don’t go together, well, you can always hop in to our restaurant and buy our raw and natural Habis honey instead.

Easter in a Spanish restaurant? With tapas? In Cambridgeshire? Of course, makes perfect sense. We know just the place – why not check out our Easter menu on Facebook? Here is a taster of we have to offer:  the very popular camembert with fig and onion tart, mains will cover all the meats (except lamb) and there will a veritable veggie delight in the form of vegetarian wellington.

To finish, there will be torrijas, the perfect Spanish Easter treat. Want to know what that is? Come into the restaurant and we’ll tell you.

We gave you a slight tapas history lowdown last week. In next week’s blog we will be going a step further showing you how to make the cheese and potato tapas delight that is llapingachos.

So, ovens at the ready…we’ve got baking to do so we better stop rabbiting and hop to it, those torrijas won’t make themselves – adios!


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